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Three in four Americans feel little or no personal connection to Romney, Esquire/Yahoo poll finds

By  | Yahoo! News – 12 hrs ag

74 percent of Americans feel they have little or nothing in common with Romney.


Three in four Americans feel they have little or nothing in common with Mitt Romney, while nearly 60 percent feel the same way aboutPresident Barack Obama, according to an Esquire/Yahoo! News poll.

In the wake of Romney’s remarks dismissing nearly half of Americans as self-identified victims who are dependent on government—videotaped at a donor event earlier this year andposted online this week by Mother Jones magazine—these new numbers are more bad news for a candidate struggling to connect with ordinary Americans. The margin of error for the survey, conducted shortly after the two national political conventions, is plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Further complicating the Republican ticket’s image problem is that a Romney presidency is viewed as significantly more beneficial towealthy Americans than a second Obama term would be. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed said the wealthy would be better off under Romney than Obama. That split reverses when Americans were asked who would benefit the poor: 57 percent say Obama, 30 percent say Romney.

Obama is seen as better for poor Americans than Romney. The opposite is true for rich Americans.

Obama leads Romney by 10 points on the question of whose presidency would be more beneficial to the middle class, 48 percent to 38 percent.

To top things off, 44 percent think that taxes are too low on those earning over $250,000 a year—a core tenet of Obama’s campaign. Another 12 percent said taxes on high earners are too high, and 28 percent said the tax rate was about right.

44 percent of people think those making more than $250K should pay higher taxes.

Meanwhile, with chaos in the Middle East throwing attention back to foreign policy this election, it appears that Obama holds a slight edge over Romney on a crucial foreign policy issue: more Americans trust Obama to lead the armed forces in the event of a war (46 percent) than trust Romney to do so (37 percent), with 5 percent trusting neither man.

People trust Obama more than Romney in the event of war.

Yet, despite the administration’s frequent touting of the death of Osama bin Laden, when Americans were asked which candidate instills more fear in al Qaeda, the President emerged with no advantage over Romney.

Respondents were split on which candidate al Qaeda fears more.

“It seems that, as effective as Democrats have been in neutralizing the Republicans’ historic advantage in the matter of national security, there remains a core group of Americans who still believe the GOP is the party of big sticks,” writes Esquire in its analysis of the poll. Head over to Esquire’s The Politics Blog for their complete analysis.

The poll was conducted among a random national sample of 1,002 adults from Sept. 7 to Sept. 10. The respondents were contacted by landline and cellular telephone.

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Protection sought for orange clownfish, of ‘Finding Nemo’ fame

By: Pete Thomas,

Millions of people enjoyed “Finding Nemo,” the animated Disney film that premiered in 2003, and can still recall the plot: A timid clownfish embarks on an adventurous search for his son, Nemo, who was captured by scuba divers and taken to Australia’s Sydney Harbor. But what many may not be aware of is that the real-life Nemos of the world, along with other small fish that are equally dependent on healthy reef systems, are in serious trouble because of climate change.

The Center for Biological Diversity on Monday filed a petition with the National Marine Fisheries Service to place orange clownfish–more commonly known to children as Nemo fish–and seven other reef fish species under protection of the Endangered Species Act.

“We risk losing the striking fish that inspired ‘Finding Nemo’ forever if we don’t put the brakes on global warming and ocean acidification,” Shaye Wolf, the Center’s climate science director, stated in a news release. “Carbon pollution harms these fish and destroys their coral reef homes. If we want these beautiful animals to survive in the wild, not just in a movie, we have to protect them under the Endangered Species Act.”

In “Finding Nemo,” the over-protective father (Marlin) learned during his adventure to take risks and to be more trusting of his son.

There were many risks and struggles along the way.

So it is with orange clownfish trying to survive with coral reefs around the world–including the Great Barrier Reef, which was Nemo’s home–in a state of decline, and while ocean acidification is on the rise.

Warming seas and acidification, caused by the oceans’ absorption of carbon-dioxide poisoning, pose a threat to reefs and to clownfish and damselfish.

“Coral reefs are the rainforests of the ocean, but carbon pollution will bulldoze their biodiversity,” Wolf said. “The longer we wait to provide Endangered Species Act protection and reduce the greenhouse gases harming reef fish and destroying their homes, the harder it’s going to be to save these unique creatures.”

Another danger, as Nemo came to know, is the aquarium trade. Orange clownfish and several species of damselfish are immensely popular aquarium pets, and the United States is the largest importer of ornamental marine fish.

Listed on the petition sent to NMFS include the orange clownfish, which spends nearly its entire life protected within anemones on coral reefs, and seven species of damselfish that occur in U.S. waters, and are dependent on corals vulnerable to climate change threats.

They are the yellowtail damselfish that inhabit waters in Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean; the Hawaiian dascyllus and blue-eye damselfish, which inhabit Hawaiian waters; and the black-axil chromis, Dick’s damselfish, reticulated damselfish, and blue-green damselfish that live in the Indo-Pacific, including U.S. territorial waters in American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands.”

NMFS will consider the petition but it will require lots of time before any action is taken.

— Images are courtesy of the Center for Biological Diversity

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Homes with living roofs

Forbes.comBy Marcelle Sussman Fischler | – Mon, Sep 17, 2012 6:46 PM EDT
The Meera Sky Garden House in Singapore (Photo: Guz Architects)

Carpets of green have topped dwellings since ancient times. If you believe the legend, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon blanketed an entire palace in exotic greenery. And during the Viking days, sod roofs made of earth were all the rage.

Once a relic of earlier civilizations, living rooftops are blooming once more, albeit with modern technologies like irrigation and drainage systems — eco-friendly alternatives to materials like asphalt or tile.

“You have to have a bit of a green thumb,” said Katy Brahler, who along with husband, Gary, “wanted to go as green as we could,” when they hired Cleveland architect Robert Maschke to renovate their three-bedroom cottage near Lake Erie a little over two years ago.

The Brahlers aren’t alone. The green roof market alone grew by 115% last year, according to Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, a not-for-profit organization touting the benefits of turf roofing.

And there are many: according to the EPA, green roofs insulate, filter pollution, reduce storm water run-off, and naturally cool the air, reducing what’s known as the “heat island effect.”

[Find the right home contractor for you. Click to compare rates now.]

Here are four homes that put green roofs to spectacular use.

Meera Sky Garden House, Singapore

The top roof of this modern home on the island of Sentosa (adjacent to the main island Singapore) is slow growing and easy to maintain carpet grass but still keeps the residence cool, according to Guz Wilkinson of Guz Architects. Wilkinson designed the home in a new development where the plots are not large and homes are built close together.

A solid wall provides privacy to each side and the home’s layered effect makes each story feel like a single-story dwelling with a private outdoor garden.

(Photo: Robert Maschke)

Contemporary Cottage, Bay Village, Ohio

Situated steps from Lake Erie, the owners of this three-bedroom cottage wanted to include as many green elements as possible when they renovated three years ago. Cleveland architect Robert Maschke used a steel roof on the original portion but suggested a sloped green roof and vertical wall for the exterior of a new master bedroom suite.

(Photo: Jonathan Feldman)

Pacific Heights Townhouse, San Francisco

Some green roofs aren’t just for plants. In urban areas where outdoor space is limited and the views are best from the top, residents use them, too, says architect Jonathan Feldman. To get more greenery and less concrete in his clients’ lives, Feldman placed living areas on the top floor of this 1906 stucco-clad Victorian (he also added skylights). A large portion of the rear space was removed to make space for a roof garden and outdoor lounge space. “It’s not just the plants that get the view,” Feldman says.

(Photos: Natural Balance Homes)

Natural Balance, Vancouver, CanadaNick Kerchum, an owner of, built himself a green home with a green roof in 2009. It has three living roofs blazing with pink and fuschia-toned plants, one on the garage, one on the top roof next to the roof next and one on the main level roof. The garden is completely self-sufficient. It doesn’t need to be watered or pruned.

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ESPN aids authorities in arresting a man accused of making threats against children in a post about LeBron James

By  | Ball Don’t Lie – 12 hours ago

LeBron James’ new signature Nikes (Image via

Last month, when Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine told you about LeBron James‘ new exorbitantly priced sneakers, quite a few of you took to our comment section to rail against James and Nike for selling shoes that started at $180, moving all the way up to $315 for pairs that were sure to sell out no matter the cost. On top of that, we’re sure, some of you possibly brought up the potential for children to be robbed and/or assaulted by thieves attempting to steal such “valuable” shoes. Few of you, we’re sure, thought that your comments would eventually lead to the attention of your local police department, and possible arrest.

Then again, none of you apparently made the boneheaded decision to muse on record about killing children, as 21-year old Eric Yee allegedly did, even referencing the tragic movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., along the way. Yee is being accused of making his comments underneath an ESPN article of a similar nature, detailing James’ new signature shoes, and authorities moved in on Monday to arrest the Yale dropout.

[Jalen Rose admits trying to hurt Kobe during the 2000 NBA Finals]

We have no idea how serious Yee’s threats really were, but considering his proximity to a local elementary and middle school and the fact that several guns were found at his current residence, it’s clear that he could possibly be the LeBron James of poor judgment. From the Associated Press:

An employee at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Conn., notified local police the same day and they linked the posting to Yee’s home in Santa Clarita in northern Los Angeles County. Sheriff’s investigators said they were contacted Sunday and began surveillance on the home where Yee, 21, lives with his parents until a search warrant was obtained.


Experts said the bail amount was very high for a person suspected of making terrorist threats.

“To put it in perspective, $1 million is the presumptive bail for murder,” said Hanni Fakhoury, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a former federal public defender who is not involved in the case.

For over a decade it’s become apparent that an Internet connection and the seeming anonymity that goes with it tends to turn even the weakest of minds and muscles into a snorting web presence that boasts of the ability to take on all comers. Now, you might have to think twice before flexing that imaginary e-muscle.

[Metta World Peace has shocking goal for Lakers]

Again, we don’t know if Yee is an example of such — if this was an isolated incident, or the latest in a series of worrying posts that set ESPN off one too many times — but it’s worth repeating that the same common sense you might use when bagging your produce at the local supermarket amongst strangers might be also best utilized while pretending to be a tough dude in comment sections that can reach thousands.

Did ESPN overreact? Did the authorities, with that outrageous $1 million bail, overreact? Is this a concerted effort to send a message to comment section kids — be they chatting about sports, entertainers, politics, or Internet memes of all types — using Yee as a scapegoat? Or, as most comment section types write it, “escapegoat?”

Possibly, at least in the early going and before we’re privy to the evidence against Yee.

Any movement on this front, though, is a good thing. Violent threats against anyone should be taken seriously, because nearly two decades into this Internet fad (and it is a fad, kids, soon to be eclipsed by virtual reality or whatever the next cool CD-ROM will hold) a bit of responsibility has to be in order for those that get to duck down in front of that laptop and just spew away irrespective of any semblance of tact, poise, and reason.

It’s not Big Brother. It’s your big brother, slapping you on the back of your head and telling you to stop acting like such a damned punk.

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Not Ready for iPhone 5? Upgrade Offers Some New Tricks

The Wall Street JournalBy Katherine Boehret | The Wall Street Journal – 11 hours agoThe iPhone 5 on display after its introduction during Apple Inc.'s iPhone media event in San Francisco, California September 12, 2012. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach
  • Reuters – The iPhone 5 on display after its introduction during Apple Inc.’s iPhone media event in San Francisco, California September 12, 2012. REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach


The good news for plenty of current iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users pondering buying the new iPhone 5 is that they’ll get many of the 200 new features in Apple’s (AAPL) free update for mobile software, iOS 6, available on Wednesday.

I’ve compiled a handful of the most significant features you’ll get with the iOS software update, which I tested on the iPhone 5 and the newest iPad. Some older devices won’t be able to use all of these features and one feature will work only on the iPhone 5: taking a still photo while recording a video. Here are some highlights of the new features. There are many more features too numerous to mention.

[More from The iPhone Takes to the Big Screen]

Do Not Disturb

Finally, the iPhone can let its owners sleep at night—with options. Until now, the iPhone’s silencing switch turned off all sounds with no alternatives. This meant that people who wanted to turn off alert sounds for Facebook (FB) notifications and incoming emails while they slept had to give up receiving phone calls in the middle of the night from, say, a relative having an emergency.

The Do Not Disturb feature (turned on in Settings and adjusted in Settings, Notifications) turns off all sounds but can make exceptions. If you want to be notified whenever one of your favorite contacts calls you, the phone will ring. Another optional feature of Do Not Disturb lets calls ring through if a person calls twice in a row within three minutes. Do Not Disturb can be set to work on a daily schedule, like from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., so you don’t have to remember to turn it on. People who are trying to maintain separate work and personal lives may even set this to work after they leave the office, only allowing calls from certain groups (like family and close friends) to ring between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

If your phone’s silent switch is on, the phone won’t make noise no matter how Do Not Disturb is set.


In iOS 6, Apple (as it often does) took a feature that’s already available in many smartphones and made it a lot simpler to use: capturing panoramic photos. In Camera, select Options at the top center of the screen and choose Panorama. A small on-screen diagram will appear to guide you as you click the shutter button once and pan the phone from left to right, following an on-screen arrow along a center line. Panorama works on the iPhone 4S and 5, as well as the newest iPod touch.

[More from Green Shoots Sprout In Las Vegas Desert]

Better Sharing

IOS 6 has improved sharing in two significant ways: It’s now integrated with Facebook and enables sharing directly from the places where people think about sharing. You can share to Facebook using various tools such as the Notification Center screen (pull this down from the top of the screen and select Tap to Post in Facebook); using Siri (tap and hold the Home button before saying, “Post to Facebook”); or by clicking a share button (a square with an arrow) on nearly any screen—including photos.

Until now, iOS forced people to open Facebook, select Photo in the app and then choose an image to share. Now, people can tap the share button while looking at a specific photo and send that photo out to Facebook.

Likewise, you can now add photos or videos to emails as you’re composing them—not by starting with photos. This is something people naturally do on their desktops as they add photos or videos to emails. Do this by tapping anywhere on the screen in the body of the email to see the Select, Select All, Paste options appear. Then tap on the right arrow and select Insert Photo or Video.

App Store

While Apple’s App Store now holds 700,000 apps, the revamped App Store app for iOS doesn’t look overcrowded thanks to a more organized layout. Search results appear in card format, one per screen. By swiping one app to the left, another appears. Developer information, reviews from other users and screen shots of the app appear in a helpful, methodical format. While the old App Store forced people to scroll down a lot, this App Store makes better use of the horizontal plane. It does a better job of displaying Genius, a feature that suggests apps you might like according to those you’ve purchased.


Apple is now shipping its own Maps app, replacing Google’s (GOOG) Maps app on devices receiving the update. This app takes some getting used to, and its maps appear a bit more zoomed in, overall.

[More from The Return of Facebook’s Winklevoss Twins]

But its turn-by-turn directions (available on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2 or later) will be a big help for people who want a hands-free option for driving: Just plug in your destination address, pick a route and tap start to hear navigation instructions announced out loud as you drive. The text of the directions still appears on the device’s lock screen, in case you put it down and it locks and you need to quickly glance at the next step.


Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has been updated to do more and now works on the latest-model iPad and iPod touch as well as the iPhone 4S and 5. Siri can now open apps and do more with them; I composed a Facebook message and never touched any keys. But it still has its inaccuracies: In a quiet office, I said, “Launch Google Plus,” which Siri interpreted as “Lunch Google Plus,” and then said, “I found 15 lunch restaurants, 11 are fairly close to you.” This is a failed experience that happens all too often.

Freedom from Wi-Fi

Now, the FaceTime video chats you make on iOS can be conducted over cellular, not just WiFi. This works on the iPhone 4S and 5, as well as the newest iPad, so long as it has cellular data capability.

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Sony unveils new ‘Super Slim’ PS3

By  | Plugged In – 11 hours agoSony is putting its flagship video game system on a crash diet.

Confirming months of speculation, the company unveiled a redesigned PlayStation 3 at its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference Wednesday.

The new ‘Super Slim’ model is roughly the size of a laptop computer and about half as thick as the original PlayStation 3 that hit stores in 2006. Sony says the redesign is 20 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than the existing model. It also uses a sliding door panel to top load discs, rather than the slot-loading disc drive previous models have used. Functionally, however, it’s identical to the current PS3.

In North America, two versions will be available: One packing a 250 GB hard drive for $269, which arrives on Sep. 25, and one with a 500 GB hard drive for $299, which hits stores on Oct. 30.

That pricing scheme has left many scratching their heads. The current entry level PS3 costs $249 — and with a new Nintendo console hitting in two months at $299, many analysts were expecting Sony to lower the PS3’s price even further to woo consumers.

Instead, Sony is relying on the value proposition of the new PS3. The lower-end Super Slim model boasts a bigger hard drive than today’s entry-level system (250 GB compared to 160 GB) and will come bundled with Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Edition, as well as a voucher for $30 of “bonus digital content” to be used in the free-to-play title DUST 514. The 500 GB model will come bundled with a copy of Assassin’s Creed III.

Still, analysts aren’t impressed.

“I think the form factor looks like a nice improvement, but if I were Sony I would focus more on lowering prices,” says Colin Sebastian of R.W. Baird. “At this point, in terms of competing at the end of the cycle and in terms of driving more mindshare, I don’t think consumers are as interested in the prettiest console they can find, but rather the one that has the best value.”

Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter agrees.

“I think Sony is missing an opportunity to differentiate on price,” he says. “And I think they’re going to be caught flat footed when Microsoft does something like bundles Kinect with the Xbox for $200.”

Other global territories will have a couple other options. Japanese gamers will be able to buy a white Super Slim PS3, while European fans will be offered a system that has a 12 GB flash hard drive rather than the standard one found in traditional systems. Users can add their own hard drive to increase the memory, if they’d like.

At present, it does not appear that either of those systems will make it to America.

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33,000 fleeing Guatemala volcano eruption

By ALBERTO ARCE and ROMINA RUIZ-GOIRIENA | Associated Press – 7 hrs agoIn this image with a cell phone plumes of smoke rise from the Volcan de Fuego or Volcano of Fire spews ash seen from Palin, south of Guatemala City, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. The volcano is spewing lava and ash and the director of the national disaster agency says officials are carrying out “a massive evacuation of thousands of people” in five communities. (AP Photo/Moises Castillo)Enlarge Photo

  • Associated Press/Moises Castillo – In this image with a cell phone plumes of smoke rise from the Volcan de Fuego or Volcano of Fire spews ash seen from Palin, south of Guatemala City, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012. …more 


GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — A long-simmering volcano outside one of the Guatemala’s most famous tourist attractions exploded into a series of powerful eruptions Thursday, hurling thick clouds of ash nearly two miles (three kilometers) high, spewing rivers of lava down its flanks and forcing the evacuation of more than 33,000 people from surrounding communities.

Guatemala’s head of emergency evacuations, Sergio Cabanas, said the evacuees were leaving some 17 villages around the Volcan del Fuego, which sits about six miles southwest (16 kilometers) from the colonial city of Antigua. The ash was blowing south and authorities said Antigua was not currently in danger, although they expected the eruption to last for at least 12 more hours.

The agency said the volcano spewed lava nearly 2,000 feet (600 meters) down slopes billowing with ash around Acatenango, a 12,346-foot-high (3,763-meter-high) volcano whose name translates as “Volcano of Fire.”

“A paroxysm of an eruption is taking place, a great volcanic eruption, with strong explosions and columns of ash,” said Gustavo Chicna, a volcanologist with the National Institute of Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology. He said the cinders spewing from the volcano were settling a half-inch thick in many places.

He said extremely hot gases were also rolling down the sides of the volcano, which was entirely wreathed in ash and smoke. The emergency agency warned that flights through the area could be affected.

There was a general orange alert, the second-highest level, but a red alert south and southeast of the mountain, where, Chicna said, “it’s almost in total darkness.”

Teresa Marroquin, disaster coordinator for the Guatemalan Red Cross, said the organization had set up 10 emergency shelters and was sending hygiene kits and water.

“There are lots of respiratory problems and eye problems,” she said.


Arce reported from Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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Is Apple’s iPhone 5 Boring?

Smartphone Has Larger Screen, Connects to 4G Networks but Lacks Some Features Found in Rivals

The Wall Street JournalBy Jessica E. Vascellaro | The Wall Street Journal – 10 hours ago

<p>               Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in front of an image of the iPhone 5 during an Apple event in San Francisco, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
  • Associated Press –

    Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks in front of an image of the iPhone 5 during an Apple event in San Francisco, Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) …more 


Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhone has been a trendsetter for half a decade. Now the question is whether it can avoid becoming a bore.

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, packed with new features. The phone is thinner and has a bigger display. It can connect to 4G data networks and has faster processing. Its Siri virtual assistant has grown more powerful.

[More from The Tarmac Express: A Porsche to the Plane]

Yet few heralded the new device as a great leap forward. What’s more, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have several features that are becoming standard across other smartphones. Those features, such as ways to pay with your phone or even bigger screens, are generating strong reviews from consumers and technology critics.

Those reviewers, quick to call winners and losers in the space, have spent the last few months lamenting that the iPhone doesn’t offer more. Even some hard-core Apple fans questioned whether the iPhone can continue to trail blaze or if it’s becoming a snoozer. One Apple employee recently confided he had been hoping the new device would have more dramatic changes.

Whether the missing features matter remains to be seen. Tech bloggers Wednesday were gushing over the slick look of the iPhone 5 and analysts are expecting big sales. Consumers world-wide have eagerly snapped up incremental versions of the iPhone in the past. When the iPhone 4S went on sale last October, Apple more than doubled sales to 37 million iPhones that quarter.

[More from Roadside Stopper: Too Big in Texas?]

Still, the technology gaps are getting more attention. Here’s a sampling of what the iPhone 5, available Sept. 21, is missing:

• Digital Payments: Some new Google Inc. (GOOG) Android phones, including the Galaxy Nexus, and coming Windows Phones have a near-field communication, or NFC, chip that powers digital-wallet services. They allow users to pay for goods at certain retailers by tapping their phones. The new iPhone still lacks NFC and has taken only small steps toward payments with a new digital-coupon and loyalty-card service called Passbook.

• Touch to Share: Most new Android phones, including Samsung Electronics Co.’s (005930.SE) Galaxy S III, can share media by touching the devices together (again thanks to NFC). The phones can share photos, videos, contacts and Web pages this way, as well as information between apps. The iPhone can’t (although there are third-party iPhone apps that enable some similar features).

• Dynamic Home Screens: The iPhone is sticking to a home screen of static icons that people must tap to load. Lots of Android phones offer more customizable modules that push information that is otherwise buried in apps.

[More from What to Do With a Workplace Whiner]

These Android widgets let consumers see content like weather or Facebook updates on their home screen. Rather than see an icon for their email application, say, people can see their actual emails. Windows Phones, including one expected from Nokia Corp. (NOK) later this year, offer home-screen tiles that provide something similar. (The iPhone does push some notifications—like Facebook updates—to the unlock screen, which is a first step.)

• Face Unlock: Many new Android phones use facial recognition to allow people to gain access to their phone just by looking at it. IPhone users are still swiping screens with their fingers to unlock their devices.

• Even Bigger Screens: While larger than the last iPhone, the iPhone 5’s four-inch screen is smaller than some phones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is 4.8 inches. Indeed, phones with screens as big as 5 inches are hitting the market.

• Wireless Charging: Nokia’s new phone running the Windows Phone 8 operating system can be charged without a cord. All you have to do is place the device on a pad that supports a wireless charging standard called Qi. The iPhone 5 has a new charger that is much smaller, but it still has a cord.

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Manny Pacquiao Banned From Hollywood Mall, Says He Has Gay Relative

Manny Pacquiao won’t be shopping with the stars ever again, as the homophobic boxing superstar has been banned from Hollywood’s ultimate entertainment destination.

Training in Los Angeles for his upcoming fight against Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao was scheduled to sit down for an interview Wednesday with “Extra” host Mario Lopez at the Grove, LA’s legendary shopping mall where celebrities and tourists mingle in overpriced shops, restaurants and movie theaters. But that interview won’t take place now, at least not at the outdoor mall.

LA Weekly’s Simone Wilson reports Pacquiao has been outlawed by the commercial center for his over-the-top anti-gay statements this week. While quoting Bible verses, the boxing star didn’t just say he was against the homosexual lifestyle, Pacquiao stunningly divulged gay men should be “put to death” for their sexual crimes.

Management at the Grove quickly issued a statement explaining why the boxer has been officially forbidden from entering the star-studded shopping mecca.

“Based on news reports of statements made by Mr. Pacquiao we have made it be known that he is not welcome at The Grove and will not be interviewed here now or in the future. The Grove is a gathering place for all Angelenos and not a place for intolerance.”

Since then, it has come out that the original article attributed a quote to Pacquiao that he never said.

From the Village Voice:

Granville Ampong, the “conservative examiner” over at (a news website that lets just about anyone submit articles) now says Pacquiao never referenced the offensive passage taken from Leviticus 20:13, which states that “if a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

Still, the prejudiced pugilist attempted to defend his position with media in the Philippines.

“I only gave out my opinion that same sex marriage is against the law of God,” he told ABS-CBN’s Dyan Castillejo. “I’m not against gay people … I have a relative who is also gay. We can’t help it if they were born that way. What I’m critical of are actions that violate the word of God.”

Pacquiao, long a darling of Madison Avenue, figures to lose a number of endorsements and fans over his intolerant, bullheaded position.

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Salton Sea: Is it drying up?

By Claudine Zap | The Upshot – Wed, Apr 25, 2012

The once-thriving sea in southeastern California that was a resort mecca is in danger of becoming an environmental disaster. Interest in the water body, along with a BBC report, caused searches on “Salton Sea” to surge on the Web.

The inland sea, close to Coachella, which may have caught the eye of recent festival attendees, stretches a massive 360 square miles, and is getting smallerand saltier.


The sea has a long history in the area:  Once part of the Colorado River Delta, the water body holds the dirt that was left when the Grand Canyon was carved out. In places, the sediment is a mile deep, making it, as Michael Cohen, a senior researcher for the Pacific Institute, told Yahoo News, “the anti-Grand Canyon.” For millenia, the Colorado River filled and emptied lakes  that predate the current Salton Sea. Around 1905 the area flooded again, and the Salton Sea was born. The glorious weather coupled with the smooth sea became a mecca for vacationers and sport fishermanand a refuge for millions of  migrating birds.

Today, even though the vacationers have stopped coming and many of the fish have died from the sea’s high salt level and poor water quality, the site remains a major stopover for migrating birds.

The sea needs runoff from the farming community to survive—but a 2003 deal diverts water from some of the farms to San Diego County instead. With less water flowing in and a high evaporation rate, the Salton Sea has already shrunk by more than 14 square miles in less than a decade.

                                                            Click on image for more photos

The problem has been studied, but the state is broke, and funds have dried up.  Even the Salton Sea State Recreation Area, a place where people still come to fish tilapia and camp,  is scheduled to close on July 1 due to budget cuts.

As the sea shrinks, dust from the exposed lake bed is blowing toward neighboring Coachella, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Imperial County, and the Mexican border.

Cohen, who has studied the issue, says the Salton Sea is looking at a major decline in just five-and-a-half years, when the water it gets from agricultural runoff will drop off. With most of California wetlands already gone, that would leave many of the 400 species of birds found at the sea with no place to go, and a scary cloud of dust that would threaten the air quality.

Cohen is pretty sure that the state of California will put off making a decision on the sea’s  future—which will come with a multibillion-dollar price tag—as long as possible: “By the time the news cameras descend on the sea in 2018 to broadcast images of dust storms blotting out the sky and thousands of dead birds and fish along its shores, it will be far too late.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to clarify details of the history of the Salton Sea.

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Posted by on April 27, 2012 in News in Yahoo